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It’s New York Fashion Week! My first ever Fashion week in February 2017 was one of the most amazing experiences of my career. I was able to go again last year for a couple days. Unfortunately, I can’t go this year because of work and family obligations but I decided to revive one of the most popular posts in case you wanted to attend the shows.
Have you ever wondered how to attend Fashion Week? Some people think you can only go to the shows if you’re invited or a celebrity, but it’s actually a lot easier than you think! Let me explain!


The best thing you can do to snag a seat at one your favorite designer’s shows is to send an email directly to them or to their pr agency. You can usually find this information by looking around their social media or on their website.

All you have to do is explain why you want to attend the show and let them know if you’re a blogger or just a super fan. Whether you’re a blogger or not, though, this is where I would start if you want to go to any of the week’s fashion shows.

If you don’t hear back from anyone, my next recommendation is to check shows calendar and just show up! You might think this sounds crazy, but you actually have a great chance of getting into the shows this way. You see, once they let everyone in with a pass, they’ll allow walk-ins too. This option works especially well for smaller brands and emerging designers, which are some of my absolute favorite shows to go to!

The first time I went to New York Fashion Week, I had a pass to a show, and really wanted my friends to come with me, but they did’t have tickets. Well, they just showed up anyway and every single one of them got in!

Even if you can’t get into a show, just being out on the streets in New York City and feeling the crazy vibes of fashion week is fun by itself! I love it!

If you ever have the chance to attend New York Fashion Week, I highly recommend it! Especially if you love fashion as much as I do! There really is no other experience like it!!

If you’re going let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share your pictures!

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