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It’s every fashionista’s dream to attend the iconic NYFW. And I am no exception!

After 10 years in the fashion industry, I had the honor of attending this year’s New York Fashion Week, and it proved to be one of the craziest and most wonderful experiences of my entire career in fashion.

Between 11 runway shows and 8 outfit changes, I got an ultimate healing dose of style inspiration.

4 am wakeup calls and 6am early morning flights are never easy…I guess I was a bit too ambitious to make the 11am show upon the day of my arrival in the Big Apple, but I made it, better late than never.

So what that I didn’t make it in to LANYU’s show? At least I got to watch it from the big screens outside of the runway in my most fabulous First Day of Fashion Week outfit.

With the exception of that first show to which I arrived *fashionably* late…I had the honor to sit in the front row at almost every show. What a thrilling experience! I am so grateful to have witnessed each collection up close and personal!

Fashion Week Highlights and Favorites

Concept Korea

One of my favorite shows was by Concept Korea which showcased 3 special Korean designers: Greedilous, Kimmy J, and Yohanix.  They all featured such interesting bold designs coming down the runway, including some crazy hot trends like pop colored furs

Yohanix’s collection was filled with retro-inspired floral prints and sexy, sheer see-through pieces mixed with military details.

Greedilous definitely stood out. I was first introduced to her designs at 3NY Boutique a few years ago where I nabbed this beautiful black & white cape dress that I wore for her show.

Her Salvadore Dali inspired designs were filled with bright colors and bold, retro prints, offset by the black pieces which included all of my favorite elements: tweed, leather, velvet and pearls. There is something for everyone in this vibrant superb collection, AMAZE!


I was super lucky to get one of her new jackets (pictured below) from the runway collection that only hits stores this September. I just love how edgy yet wearable her collection is.


The accessories were beyond fabulous, including sunglasses born of her collaboration with Miu Miu. And check out those unique cut-out gloves (MUST GET MY HAND ON A PAIR!) and the hair styling was on point!

2017 Trend Alert: Argile leggings and long socks take geek chic up a notch and somehow still remain feminine!



Layana & Aguilar

This Project Runway winner showed us gorgeously whimsical pieces with butterflies, leather cut-outs and a really provacative approach. Her hand-painted butterfly dress was just lovely, and the hair styling perfectly complimented every piece of clothing in the collection.


Laurence & Chico

Laurence & Chico was a real showstopper. This fashion show was much more like a presentation than it was a traditional runway show.

Even though the pieces weren’t so wearable for my clients, I definitely appreciated the haute couture value and artistic styling, especially when it came to the quirky wig pieces (the blonde one screams Betsey Johnson and the others were lined with satin pillows that looked like eye masks!) and geometric, metalic makeup.

You might be wondering what this collection was really all about…

Well, Laurence & Chico’s collection for this year was actually inspired by in-flight sketches, drawing on the hilarity and irony of the creature comforts so many of us have grown accustomed to, even when flying thousands of feet high in the air!


Memere’s presentation showcased romance at its finest with such a beautifully sweet collection of blacks, blush and nude tones of silk and gorgeose lace. This collection really reminded me of modern vintage, and it was named after the designer Sarah Julia LeBlanc’s grandmother.


The combination of sheer, delicate fabrics, Victorian details, and pale, feminine color make this look a must-have for the season!

2017 Trend Alert: Pretty black lace paired with whimsical nudes is the new, ultra feminine mixing of prints.


Marcel Ostertag

This German designer absolutely got me with those see-through ruffled leggings paired with his trench style jackets. I can totally see myself wearing this cool combo.


2017 Trend Alert: Sheer Ruffles made multiple appearances at this year’s NYFW, as you can see, And they were paired with the most unlikely fabrics and cuts, making them all the more lovable…and wearable!

Leanne Marshall

I could barely catch my breath at this show. She just had my heart pumping from those gorgeous gowns that gracefully pranced down that magnificent runway. Now, all I need is the right event to have an excuse to wear one of her flowing pieces.

The designer said that this season’s collection is for “the resurrected woman,” designing for every lady out there who’s been through so much and now she’s ready to take on the world!

Now that’s a sentiment I can get behind! Just hand me a gown…!


2017 Trend Alert:  Sheer Neutrals with Appliques in the same tones are the key to the elegant superwoman.

Chi Zhang

Last but certainly not least, this high energy show, held at the Intrepid Sea & Space museum, was very entertaining!

The models were actually dancers that performed rather than walking down the runway. Instead…they danced freestyle down the catwalk in a futuristic fashion.

Among Chi Zhang’s collection, I really loved his edgier pieces, like the leather shorts and hoodies.  This was such unique venue and presentation, I was in such admiration of the artistry displayed here.

How fun are these looks? Tight shorts, baggy cropped hoodies with bold zippers, thigh-high boots. WOW!

2017 Trend Alert: Mix Baggy Outer details with Tight Basics to get the coolest, hottest look ala kim kardashian meets haute couture.


Special NYFW thanks

NYFW wouldn’t have been such an incredible experience for me without my amazing friends and the lovely photographer, Mariya Nicole, who took majority of the photos you see here.

Mariya Nicole, you not only captured these amazing moments. You assisted me in everything from beginning to end, and a special thanks to your man for getting us to each show on time.

I also owe a massive thank you to 3NY Boutique for this exciting collaboration with Tel Aviv Couture. I am beyond gratefull for your love and support! And I am beyond thrilled that 3NY is now the first boutique that started carrying Hidas, after my appearance in Michal’s designs at FW.

Tania Cascilla PR and blogger of Darling Tee, thank you for your incredible hospitality and for keeping me on schedule!

Special thanks to Hidas for making this NYFW freshman totally stand out with your incredible designs that I feel so connected to and honored to wear them at such an important industry event.

Alexa and Alex, thank you for styling my hair to last perfectly, enduring the entire 4-day trip of mine! You are the best at your craft!

Lauren Guillen, the golden goddess, thank you for keeping me tan and glowing without the sun.

Thank you to Leah Chavie for sponsoring my beauty products for my trip so that my skin would stay fresh and vibrant the entire week.

To my friends Sonia Kwapisinski, Nicole Moneer, and Alexia Bauer for getting me in my best shape from the inside out so that I can carry myself and the Tel Aviv Couture brand proudly and glowingly in the streets of New York.

And of course, I must thank my husband, my children, and our extended family of caregivers for supporting me and taking such an incredible care of my kids and family, allowing me to get the most out of my travels with my mind at ease, knowing my loved ones are in good hands.

I met so many incredible models, designers, stylists, and fellow bloggers during my stay in the city that never sleeps…More on that to come!

(Stay tuned because you absolutely cannot miss these amazing talents!)

Thank you NYFW…until next time….


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