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Paris Guide

Let’s talk about Paris! The city of love, the capital of fashion, and one of the most magical cities in the world. I went to Paris around twenty years ago and I always wanted to go back, especially since I started working in the fashion industry. So much beautiful, amazing fashion comes from there, so it’s not an accident that it’s every fashionista’s perfect destination.

I took my trip to Paris recently as part of a new tradition I started in 2019. I only have one sister and she lives really far away from me in Israel, so now that my kids are finally a little more grown-up and I feel more comfortable to travel on my own, we decided that once a year we are going to do a trip to catch up on life and spend time together. Our first destination was Paris, which is kind of in the middle, and just the perfect place to start a special tradition. We had the most amazing time strolling and shopping and drinking and chatting, talking about life and just spending amazing quality time together. 

Paris Guide


Since I’ve had such amazing experiences in Paris, I want to share with you my favorite places to stay, eat, and all my best tips for a magical experience. In addition to my own experience there, I got some amazing tips from friends and followers, so I want to share everything you need to plan your perfect trip. I have sections on what to wear, what to do, what I bought and where to eat, stay, and shop, so whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in this guide. 


When you think of Paris, you think of lights, love, and fashion (some of the best things in life, right?). I love to combine these three ideas to create bold, romantic and fashion-forward Paris outfits!


Red is the color of romance! Accessorizing with pops of red was key when I was planning outfits for Paris. Every day I wore a red hat, belt, shoes, or bag, or I incorporated red into my outfit in some other way. 

Pops of red outfits

This red plaid suit by Maje was the PERFECT item to bring for the trip. It encompassed all things bold, playful, and that pop of color. Plus Maje is from Paris, so what better location? I wore it by day with booties and by night with iridescent pumps and a bralette.

Maje Plaid Suit

My favorite red item was this very extra red tutu skirt from Akira, which I ended up wearing all day and feeling so fabulous! Everyone in Paris dresses bold and chic, so this skirt totally fit in. After all, Paris is the best place to be extra!

Paris Guide - Fashion


If Paris fashion is anything, it’s classic. After a few days, I remixed my look a little to be very classy and chic, like this outfit. I wore wide leg trousers, a neon sweater, iridescent pumps, Celine tote, and of course, an ivory beret

wide leg trousers, a neon sweater, iridescent pumps, Celine tote, and of course, an ivory beret. 


Travel is the best time to step out of the box and play around with fun pieces! While I wore a ruffle sleeve metallic jumpsuit, my sister Orly looked amazing in this fun sequin midi skirt. The next day she rocked this exciting puff-sleeve top from Akira with a leather mini for our most fun photo-op at the Eiffel Tower!

Paris Guide - Fashion

puff-sleeve top from Akira with a leather mini


Paris is one of the ultimate fashion capitals of the world, so of course, there is some next-level shopping. There is good shopping everywhere you look, but I’m sharing some of my favorite places and the things I bought to give you some inspiration.

Galeries Lafayette: This is one of Paris’s most famous department stores, and it is an amazing experience. They have so many amazing stores and the most epic window displays. One of the things I love most is that when you shop you can get your tax refund on your purchases right away instead of going to the airport. It’s a great one-stop-shop, and I found some really amazing pieces there. 

Chanel Store: The world’s biggest Chanel store is definitely a destination for any fashionista. They have so much amazing, beautiful inventory that, although I was able to restrain myself from buying anything, I was totally inspired, and am dreaming about going back. 

Vintage Stores: Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to any of these stores because we had so little time, but I’ve heard that Paris’s vintage stores are to die for. They have the most unique pieces from Paris’s iconic fashion scene through the years, and even looking through the stores is an experience. 

Stroll and Shop: One of the most amazing things about Paris is that there’s no bad shopping there! You can just stroll the streets, and walk into a store whenever something calls your name. It’s hard not to shop in Paris, everything is so beautiful, with gorgeous, gorgeous stores, and the most amazing inventory. It was such an inspiring trip, it motivated me to get back to Chicago and do more work so that I could go back to Paris and do more shopping!


I was planning on only buying one thing, but I ended up with three because, you know, Paris! Seriously, the magic of this city is hard to resist. In case you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, or things to buy yourself, I’m sharing the amazing pieces I bought in Paris.

Quilted Circle Coat from Elisabetta Franchi: I found such exciting pieces and this was the most unique! I saw this coat in a store window, and knew there was no way I could leave France without it. This designer makes items like I’ve never seen before, so it was so exciting to discover her, and it is an absolute MUST for anyone shopping in Paris. 

Quilted Circle Coat from Elisabetta Franchi:

Wallet-on-Chain from Yves Saint Laurent: I couldn’t resist shopping at this classic French brand, and picked up this chic black wallet-on-chain from this iconic designer. I have already worn it almost every day. 

Wallet-on-Chain from Yves Saint Laurent:

Handbag from Dolce & Gabbana: Bags are such a statement, I had to pick up another one while in the city. I stopped at Dolce & Gabbana and got this sick sequined checked handbag. This bag screams Tali, doesn’t it? 

Handbag from Dolce & Gabbana


Buddha Bar Paris: Honestly, this hotel was just perfect. The location was amazing, it smelled so good, and it had a very Parisian style. Our room had the cutest little balcony that I’ve been dreaming about ever since. There’s nothing like a hotel with a balcony where you can step out and breathe in the Parisian air and soak in all the vibes. In addition, the neighborhood around it was amazing, with so many amazing shops and cute little streets that we hardly had to leave the area at all (which was especially good because we were there during the strikes). 

Buddha Bar Paris:

Hôtel de Crillon: I didn’t actually stay here, but I went to their restaurant and it’s my dream to stay there next time. It’s located 3 minutes from the Place de la Concorde, and it’s called the Parisian Palace for it’s amazing luxurious atmosphere. The interior was just amazing, and it’s expensive to stay in, but it would be totally worth it for the experience. If you’re looking to spend money on a super fancy, high-end experience, it’s definitely the place to go. And they have the most amazing cocktail bar (but more on that in the next section…)


Crillon Cocktail Bar: This place was the best. I already mentioned the amazing, high-end Parisian atmosphere, but the cocktail bar was amazing. For late nights they always had live music, the most gorgeous crowd, and the most amazing cocktails I’ve ever had. They made every cocktail in front of you and it was just pure art. It was definitely pricey, but definitely worth it for the experience. We also dined at the restaurant, only for a little appetizer, but it was to die for, and I would definitely go back. 

L’Avenue: This is the dream Paris brunch spot. Every single person I asked about Paris mentioned it, and after eating there, I could definitely see why. It’s right in the middle of Champs Elysées, and the scene there is amazing. People dress so well that it’s like having brunch in the middle of Paris Fashion Week, and sitting there I was just blown away. You can get really amazing fashion inspiration, and a delicious lunch. This is also a pricey one, but it’s Paris! You definitely need to make a reservation ahead of time there, and I would also recommend asking for a seat next to the window so you can get the full experience. 

Chez Julien: If you’re looking for a local spot, this is definitely it. Blair, my friend, recommended this to me, and it’s so local that they don’t even have an English menu (but the waiters will translate everything for you, don’t worry). The food was so delicious, and for all my truffle lovers, this is the place to go because you can add truffles to each dish, which is amazing. I love truffles so much, so I definitely enjoyed this one. 


I haven’t personally been to these places, but they were great recommendations, so definitely places I’d like to check out and would recommend my followers to do the same. 

Le Train Bleu: I’ve never been to this one, but I’ve heard so much about this unique little spot. It’s in the Gare de Lyon, so you can only find it if you know about it, and it’s the coolest spot if you want to get off the tourist path and discover something new!

Brasserie du Louvre: This is such a cute little place with an amazing atmosphere and great food. It’s right by the Louvre Museum, and the Palais Royal, so it’s a perfect place to stop in a day of sightseeing. 

Le Petit Bouillon Pharamond at Châtelet: This place is a great spot for authentic French food, especially after a day of shopping at Chatêlet, strolling the streets, or seeing unique art at the Centre Pompidou. It is super affordable, and they even have live music some evenings. 

Café de la Paix: This spot is really famous and great for the chic Parisian atmosphere and the food. It’s also right near the Opéra, the Tuileries garden, and some of the most amazing streets for a chic evening stroll. 

Brasserie Printemps: This is such a gorgeous restaurant to eat in, with the architecture of the building and the beautiful glass dome. It’s located on the sixth floor of the Printemps department store, so it’s a perfect place for a coffee or lunch during a shopping day. 


Eiffel Tower: Of course, this is the first must-see destination for anyone in Paris. It’s so fun to see the city from the top, and, of course, the best iconic Paris photo-ops!

Paris Guide

Place de la Vendôme: This plaza is so amazing to visit. It’s perfect for photo ops, and has the most amazing Louis Vuitton Store–definitely a must-visit!

Arc de Triomphe:  This is at the end of the Champs Elysées, so it’s an easy end destination after your shopping trips or long walks, and it’s one of Paris’s most iconic sites, with beautiful architecture, carvings, and views from every side. 

Architecture Tour: I love the architectural tours of Chicago, and I’ve done them so many times, so I was super excited to do the Paris one. The tour is a boat ride along the Seine, so it’s a fun way to relax with family or friends and see the city from a new perspective. They have tours for day and night and the night one is especially beautiful because you can see all the city lights, and it’s absolutely amazing. 

Christmas Magic: Obviously this depends on when you go, but it was so fun to be in Paris at Christmas because of all the different Christmas trees, lights, and decorations. The whole city is so festive, with decorations, lights, and even Christmas markets where you can look for cute, unique gifts. The window displays are just to die for, they’re all moving and so special. And it wasn’t crazy cold, so I would definitely recommend going during Christmas.

Paris at Christmas

See a Show: Lots of people recommended going to see some shows. One of the most popular is Crazy horse, which Beyonce went to see and was crazy about. Sadly we couldn’t make it this time, but I heard such amazing things about these experiences that I would strongly recommend my followers to go and check them out.

Explore the Art Scene: Paris has so many iconic and amazing museums like the Louvre, the Centre Pompidou, and the Musée D’Orsay, so if you’re an art lover of any kind, there is definitely something for you. Paris is one of the artistic capitals of the world, so these museums can be great to explore this creative atmosphere, see the beautiful architecture of the buildings, and get inspired by the artsy side of Paris. 

Paris Walks: Sometimes the most magical thing is just to see the sites and take in those amazing Paris vibes. Paris is the city of life, and you can definitely see this walking through the iconic architecture of the city center, or taking photos at amazing sites like the Opéra, the Palais Royal, and the Jardin des Tuileries.

Paris Guide What to do

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