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When my dear friend and client approached me for styling services as a gift idea for her employee who is also a fashionista, I was so flattered and suggested a customized styling session. 

Shuky Leung, the birthday girl, works as a strategic designer at Blue Daring and has a super chic sense of style! I wanted to make sure this gift would be a memorable experience for her form the start so I decided to invest some extra time to create a beautiful presentation of the gift because the first impression matters! 

I wrote Shuky a personal note on silk paper and placed it in a box. Then I wrapped the box with gorgeous paper and a bow and had it delivered it to her office. I wanted to get Shuky super pumped for our initial meeting at Soho House and for the entire styling experience.

After our meeting in SoHo, we decided to experiment with the fall trends at Zara. Why Zara? Because there you can find all of the latest trends at reasonable price points. Our goal for this outing was more for inspiration than to shop. 

Since Shuky was curious about blogging, I wanted to give her a true fashion blogger experience so I extended an invitation to her to join me for my blog photo shoot. I am excited to share our final shots with you below.

I was thrilled to show her some of my styling tricks and was absolutely impressed by how amazing these photos turned out. Of course now I want to buy all of these outfits myself!

First look: I layered a button down shirt with a chiffon dress and added a leather jacket. Something that you probably wouldn’t normally think to put together, but it works and it looks super cool and unique. 

Second Look: Here we experimented with a Fall 2016 trend, a metallic pleated skirt. We paired the skirt with this super trendy cropped bomber! Shuky and I both fell in love with this piece as we had never seen a jacket with zippers in both the front and back. And the contrast of glam and sporty feel makes this look truly stand out.

I had such a great time helping Shuky look and feel so chic, it made my day! And inspired me with new fresh ideas that are soon coming your way.




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