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Let’s face it, Amazon is the MVP when it comes to shopping. I mean seriously, no matter what item you’re looking for, Amazon has it and it’ll be at your door tomorrow! I know I’m not the only one who is placing a few orders a week, because there are just so many life changing items for every area of my life. Especially for my fellow moms, we don’t have a lot of time to be out shopping and hunting down matching family PJs and the tools to make whipped coffee!! That’s what I’m here to help you with, I already did the hunting 🙂 So here are 5 Amazon items I use everyday that I hope can be life changing for you too! Get ready to “add to cart”…


Okay, yes I gave in to that TikTok whipped coffee trend during quarantine! But OMG have you tried it yet?! Me and Jason are addicted. I have to admit I’m still making one almost every day. Add this milk frother to your cart for only $13, and you will save over $50/month on treat drinks from Starbucks!

amazon milk frother
Click to shop on Amazon, $13


The search is over for the best biker shorts ever, because I found them on Amazon! Not one, not two, but FOUR amazing workout shorts options. I ordered them all and they’ve been on constant rotation in my closet. The leather biker shorts are super great for dressing up and making a chic fall outfit! I love styling these with a blouse and booties or pumps.

faux leather biker shorts
Click to shop on Amazon, $29


These pocket biker shorts have a useful pocket for your phone which has come in handy! Available in 11 colors. I wear these mostly to work out because they are just so practical.

white biker shorts with phone pocket
Click to shop on Amazon, $20

These long biker shorts are the classic, go-to style! Available in 45 colors, they are the perfect length for oversize tees and hoodies, blazers, crop tops, almost everything…

pink amazon biker shorts
Click to shop on Amazon, $9

These hot yoga shorts took over my athleisure game!! I fell in love and ordered in black, white, and metallic gold. I mean, for just $9 and crazy good comfy style, who wouldn’t order a few pairs?! Available in 19 colors. I style them with workout clothes for daily workouts, and add a leather jacket and slides for a daytime casual ‘fit.

black shiny hot yoga workout shorts
Click to shop on Amazon, $7


My friend recommended this coconut conditioning hair mask to me and said it competely changed her hair’s life… well of course I had to try it! And yes, it’s worth every amazing review!! I tried it on my natural curly hair and was so happy with the results. Everything was soft and more manageable. Your turn to try it!

coconut conditioning hair mask
Click to shop on Amazon, $45


Like most of you, I’ve clearly been entertaining my kids at home a lot more lately. And that means getting creative with games, and crafts! Since the lockdown, our family’s favorite has been marble race, board games, and clay making. Painting is also one of the best 10 pandemic-friendly hobbies!

marble race game for kids
Click to shop on Amazon, $16

Marble race is an exciting, creative, and interactive game! For the whole family, too… Jaiden and Jason both love to help build the sets and watch the marbles race!

race to planet x amazon board games
Click to shop on Amazon, $19
rubiks race amazon board games for kids
Click to shop on Amazon, $16
labyrinth board games for kids
Click to shop on Amazon, $32

These are 3 amazing brain games that are super fun for the whole family, and Leonix’s favorite especially.

crafts for kids
Great for sculpture crafts. Click to shop on Amazon, $17
amazon kids paint set
Click to shop on Amazon, $30

This paint set is only $30 and comes with everything your kid needs to get started, including easel, canvas, paint, brushes, palette, and smock!


Another necessary lockdown purchase was tons of cute new PJs! I swear Katya and Leonix each grew a full new size in the last few months. I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on PJs they won’t wear for long, so Amazon is the perfect place. Everything is so doable! Last year we got these family matching bear PJs and they are still so cute!

matching family pj set
Click to shop on Amazon, starting at $12

cutest matching family PJs

I hope you love these recommendations of my top 5 amazon everyday items! Trust me, there is more where that came from! Let me know what are your Amazon staples? What should I try next?

amazon family game

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