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Let’s face it, lockdown has been a wild ride. From months in quarantine to a social-distance summer, we’ve all been through a lot. Personally I couldn’t have done it without my family! You might be wondering how we managed and stayed positive… We really dove into lockdown, ready to spend time together, try new hobbies, and make the most of it!! But the best part was all of the quality time we got and watching my little treasures grow. Instead of focusing on devices, we focused on brain games, art, and new talents! I swear, my kids have never been so creative and so close!! I want to spread the joy and inspire my readers to think outside the box, so today I ‘m sharing the best creative games and activities that every kid (and parent) will love!


Painting is one of the new pandemic hobbies that our whole family is loving!! I’ve been in art school in the Ukraine, so art is something I’m really passionate about sharing with my whole family. Especially after the art-themed birthday party for my stepson Jaiden, we’ve really been diving into it. Amazon sells pretty inexpensive canvas for kids, and the opportunities to create something amazing are priceless!

We actually got so into painting over the summer, and fell in love with Palette and Chisel, that we started a big new project! The kids created their own giant canvas artwork, called Sunlight and Moonlight. With the help of Darlene at Palette and Chisel, of course! How perfect is their totally custom artwork?


During summer and especially during lockdown, we’ve been doing everything we can to get outside to play and spend time together. Katya and I love taking bike rides and exploring new places!! Our latest favorite spot is around Montrose Beach area. I know there is a crazy bike shortage right now! Katya has her own bike, and I rent mine from Lakeshore Bike on Recreation Drive, but you can always rent from Divvy!! My friend just ordered a bike online, I saw some cute reasonably priced options from Amazon


Another recent discovery is building with clay! Of course, I had to get Crayola’s washable and safe air dry clay. It’s pretty inexpensive from Amazon and it’s a great way to kill a few hours, plus you get one-of-a-kind art to last a lifetime 🙂



Our family has been having a few talent shows and karaoke nights throughout lockdown. I love the idea of kids putting on a show for so many reasons! First of all, no shopping necessary–it’s totally free and the kids will spend a few hours putting it together. Second, it’s so cool to see kids exploring their talents and sharing their new passions with you!! I am a huge supporter of anything that keeps my kids thinking out of the box. Third, it’s just the best entertainment ever to see them dance and make up songs. Sometimes we even do award ceremonies for these shows, inspired by Katya’s gymnastics competitions!


Soaking up every bit of the summer!! We’ve been playing outdoor games on our patio, especially this ring toss game! Katya and Leonix have been playing this while Jason grills on the patio, and I swear they will be busy for an hour!!

outdoor games for kids


This is where it gets really fun!! We can’t get enough of family style creative games. Does anyone else have a whole cupboard of board games in their home? I love brain games especially because it keeps the kids thinking and exercising their minds, and they’re also crazy fun for the whole family!! Jason and Leonix have also been playing chess lately (yes, Leonix is only 4, can you believe it?!). Here are a few options my family is truly addicted to and we can’t stop playing, all for under $30 from Amazon and Target!

fun family board games
games for young kids
family board games
math games for kids


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