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In this post, I’m going to share with you the top 5 things you can easily to do look good and feel good, no matter what!


As a stylist, lots of women ask me about the looks I put together. This one below from my trip to NYC got a lot of attention.

But instead of talking about the brands and cuts and accessories, I’m going to share with you WHY I wore this look, because sometimes the WHY comes before the HOW.

You see, looking good isn’t just about what color or designer you wear. It’s about feeling good, no matter what.

I chose this look because it was exactly what I needed to look great and feel comfortable on the go.

And boy, have I been on the go A LOT!

Sometimes it can feel like staying healthy is mission impossible.

Know what I mean?

As a mom, your weight can go up and down, I mean who doesn’t go through times where you put on some extra pounds?

I’ve been there!


I’m always reaching for something that’s comfortable yet chic (of course), and this look below worked perfectly. I styled my new lace wide pants from Florence with a boxy shirt and heeled booties.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, taking look good, feel good to the next level!

1. Embrace the ups and downs in life

In life, it’s all about balance and listening to your own body.

I accept the fact that when I travel, I relax my routine a bit. Don’t be hard on yourself, embrace it.

Maybe you won’t work out as often, and you might consume a lot more (delicious) calories.

Instead of fighting it, enjoy it and make a promise to yourself to get back on track when you return home.

My normal routine is to exercise 5 days a week: 4 days of yoga and the rest cardio/weights.

If you love to run, do it outdoors! I’m not the biggest fan of running, but I enjoy it a lot more when I can get out into the sun and fresh air.

When I feel like I’ve put on some extra weight, I up my cardio to 3 times a week and get myself back to sculpt classes at Core Power.

For food, we all know the rules:

Lean proteins, healthy grains, and lots of water!

Cheating occasionally is okay, it’s bound to happen especially on the weekends.

The most important thing is to not beat yourself up and just get back to it right after.

It’s not about diet, it’s about your lifestyle!

2. Set Goals you can get excited about

You probably already know what you need to do, personally, in order to be healthy. It isn’t really rocket science.

But the hard part is:

How can you stick to your healthy ways, and how can you really follow through?

My answer is:


And not just any goals, but goals that you can get excited about.

Believe me, I love to eat and I love sweets. Who doesn’t?

But when you remember that being healthy and staying fit are key to feeling good, you know that when you reach your goals, whatever they may be, you’re going to feel priceless!

For me, I know that I have to work hard to stay in shape and feel good, so the payoff for achieving my health goals is worth everthing.

3. Get motivated with a partner

Having partner always helps! Jason and I work together to meet our health and fitness goals, and this makes it all a lot easier.

Team up with a best friend, family member, or significant other to motivate each other. It’s always better together!

4. Try group work out, yoga classes, or a session with a personal trainer

There are lots of reasons you may not be into doing classes, groups, or splurging on a personal training session.

But often times, being in a group or with someone else can give you the push you need to work harder.

I know that I tend to work harder in a class or with a trainer than when I’m alone.

When my days are full, I’ll go to the gym in my building to squeeze in a 20-30 minute session by myself, but I do my best to schedule in time to work out in a formal setting to really get the most out of my fitness plan.

5. keep sweets out of the home but indulge on date night

It’s no secret…

I have a major sweet tooth…

If you’re like me, then you know that if you have it in your house, it’s going to be a lot harder not to indulge. Especially when working late at night!

Instead, Jason and I like to share desserts on our dates.

You don’t have to be extreme and never enjoy something sweet, so make an agreement with yourself that you keep sweets out of the home but allow yourself to indulge on date night or when you go out with friends.

two bonus tips for staying healthy and fit:

6. Reward yourself!

Plan a reward for yourself when you accomplish your goal whether it be a trip, a treat, or a special purchase. This will also give you something extra to look forward to.

7. Don’t forget to smile!

I promise, it works! It’s even been scientifically proven! Smiling feels good, so do it as much as possible! You’ll look fabulous, as well. 🙂


Cheers and big congratulations to Chicago Cubs and their extraordinary fans!!


Mariya Nicole

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