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make money blogging

This is the most common question I get asked! For the last 10 years, blogging is the main way I share life-changing style tips, tricks, and advice. I know a lot of people are curious about this career. I’m here to answer all of your questions about how I make money blogging, and the ways you can support all of your favorite digital content creators. This is the truth about my experience as a blogger! Let’s dive in…


Affiliated programs with online stores is one way that influencers make money. If you purchase an item through a clickable link on my blog or my Instagram, it doesn’t cost you anything extra and I receive a tiny commission–seriously it’s tiny, we don’t see much of it! However, the more people that shop through these links creates more profit. If enough people click and purchase, you can actually make a living from it. You can always find items on my blog shop that I personally own, wear, and love!

Shopping through affiliate links is a great motivator and confidence booster for us! This way we know you’re loving our content. So, if you follow a blogger and love their style, please support them this way! With that being said, what’s most important to me is delivering content you love. Brands like  Zara and Israeli designers don’t give influencers commission, but I actually really recommend these brands!

Right now during this holiday season, there is a great opportunity for you guys to shop through my gift guides! A tremendous amount of time has been put into these gift guides, I would appreciate if you would shop from them– or even just sharing them! Even if you share with only one person who might like something from the guide, that can make a huge difference for me in building my business and community.


Brand collaborations are another way I make money blogging. If brands align with my blog and my personal brand, I’m always willing to work with them! Some brands pay influencers with promo codes that give you discounts and gives us commission. Some pay for photoshoots and digital promotion on blog. If you see beautiful curated images with tagged brands, it’s likely a collaboration! Don’t be shy to like and comment, it means so much for influencers. I’ve collaborated with brands like Goldsheep, Kohl’s, Ann Taylor, Neiman Marcus, Coach, Bloomingale’s, and Michael Kors, and Israeli brands like Collecte bags and Kobi Halperin. I don’t work with many brands, I choose them carefully and work with them consistently. My dream is to work with an eyewear brand!

make money blogging


Events are some of the most fun days of my job, and definitely one of the best ways I make money blogging! I love meeting new faces, seeing familiar friends, and getting that special time to interact and hang out with you guys. I host events such as styling workshops to share my knowledge to make your dressing experience fun and effortless. Here is an example of my latest styling workshop with Coach!

I am actually planning some holiday workshops and events, so make sure you sign up to my newsletter to be notified when they are coming your way!


My styling services is actually how I make majority of my income and that’s what supports my blog. Tel Aviv Couture has given me so many opportunities to meet amazing people who became my long term clients, and has opened the door to a whole new business! I recently launched my new and improved styling services, because I am constantly evolving and working to be the best I can for you.

My services include personal styling and closet makeovers. If you ever considered working with a stylist (or worked with me before and want to book another appointment), make sure you do it soon because October is almost full and November is filling quick. Book an appointment with me today.

make money blogging


I’m in no way an expert in how to make money blogging! But I’ve been doing this over 10 years and I’ve built my own blog and I can definitely help you too! Sometimes all it takes is another perspective and sharing tips and tricks. So if you want a 1-on-1 service, you can book it here!

make money blogging

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  1. Julia and Moriczi wrote:

    Love reading this . It was always on the back of my mind , blogging. As I love taking beautiful pics , fashion , eyewear and nature. I see things little different from others . The money part has also been a question, how can you make a living in this industry. I told you this before I love your blog and your Instagram page . You are real, honest and Oh so soso sweet and beautiful. Always a pleasure to watch and read. Now I did notice that you said you would like to work with Eyewear brand . And then we met . Ahhhhh . How serendipitous. Maybe Alternative Eyewear/Plan B could be that company. InterFace will be your first pair from this brand and I hope you love it . NANOVISTA is for little munchkins. But we have so many more beautiful eyewear brands like Staag and Glacee. Which I’m sure you will find unique and beautiful. I would love to have a fitting for you and your husband one day . With that in mind please consider us as a potential partner and let me know what we can do . I soo appreciate your time and your amazing heart in everything you do .

    Posted 10.22.20 Reply
    • Tali Kogan wrote:

      Thank you so much! I will contact you via email to discuss.

      Posted 10.25.20 Reply
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