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My life has changed so much during these last five months of the pandemic! I’ve always put motherhood first, but now I realize that before the pandemic I was always so busy. I got sucked into this bubble of events, clients, work, styling services, social life, and workouts, and there was never enough time left at the end of every day. Especially since my daughter is a gymnast, her schedule was completely nuts–after school she would go straight to gymnastics for three hours, get home at 8pm, and still have to do homework. 

During the pandemic, being forced to slow down and put my normal life and styling services on hold has allowed me to spend so much more time with my kids, and really develop the best relationships with them. I realized recently how much my kids had grown during the pandemic–they don’t fit into their clothes from the beginning of lockdown! It made me realize how fast time is flying, and how many beautiful moments I never want to miss because I’m at an event, or overbooking myself. I just realized how much fun I am having raising them, and more than anything, how important it is to them, and how much I really need me. By the end of lockdown, I could see how much happier my kids were now that we had developed such a beautiful relationship and built this beautiful family. 


I’ll admit, I’m a workaholic. I’ve worked since I was thirteen and I love my work, my job, my clients and the community that I’ve built. It’s never something that I want to give up. I’ve been doing my blog for so many years because I love it! I love the connections and all the people I meet, and it’s such an amazing outlet for me. I also love using my platform to give back and send some good vibes into the world and make women’s lives healthier and happier, and give us all that little spark to get through the day. Check out some testimonials from one of my styling workshops of my friends that have seen me in action–try not to cry, I know I did!

As my life has changed during the pandemic, I’ve realized that I still can do it all if I find the right balance and adjust my way of working. So to save both my time and yours, I’m introducing a whole range of ways to connect with me, including my new and more efficient styling services–which will save you so much money while still getting the high quality help and style you need! I’ve added a few more hours in my schedule for Styling 101 appointments, so if you’ve ever wanted to spend some one-on-one time and get some styling services from me, now’s your chance! You can check availability and book your appointment here. But don’t wait! My schedule is always full, so make sure to book while there are still spots available!


Before the pandemic I used to provide a very unique and in-depth service for each person I styled. I would spend hours shopping for every client, and I always wanted to do more (I always want to provide as much value to my people as I possibly can!). I would go style my client with all these clothes, then return to the stores to get whatever they didn’t have and build them a whole wardrobe. This took SO MUCH TIME, which also means so much money for my clients! So in this new post-pandemic time, I’m offering the same high quality of service that I’ve always had, but more efficient.


During quarantine, Natalie Renna who is a fabulous luxury real estate agent, reached out to me about styling services.  I didn’t think I could take any more clients, but I just loved her energy and I couldn’t say no to her. We had such a great time working together, and this time I was way more efficient than I’d ever been before. I styled her for a little over an hour and saved her over $2k!! And at the end of it, she still had a super-stylish, perfectly customized wardrobe that made her feel like the gorgeous and confident woman that she is. 

After this, I realized that I had found the new direction I needed to go with my styling services. Buying high quality, beautiful clothes can get expensive, so it’s an amazing opportunity to have the help of an expert with an extensive resume, but still save a lot of money (and use that extra cash to treat yourself!) I also work with a lot of department stores like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Bloomingdale’s, so I have access to all the different pieces and looks you’ll want to try, and I can help you find the best pieces and deals. 


If you’re not in a position to afford a stylist right now, I totally get it! Lucky for you, I have lots of styling help and inspiration that’s open for everyone. You can shop my site, where you’ll get full access to everything I’m wearing, my new favorite trends, a range of prices, and some unique Israeli designers. You can also get some amazing inspiration on my blog with posts like 5 Steps to Shape Your Own Narrative and Find Your Personal Style, A Stylist’s Guide to Creating Your Dream Closet, and Sharing is Caring: All My Favorite Resources (and Discounts!).

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And for everyone who wants to work and/or connect with me, let’s connect! Here are the best ways: 

  1. Schedule a styling appointment: In a styling appointment you’ll get my full one-on-one attention, and we can collaborate to make a look, or tailor your existing closet to be perfect for you. I have a variety of services including Styling 101, which is the most popular. And wherever you are, I can help you because, as another silver lining of this pandemic, I am now available for styling and closet consultations over zoom!
  2. Sign up for my weekly newsletter: Every week I come to you with super helpful content including shopping and tips, and it’s the perfect way to stay updated on my info and services, and join the community! I’ve gotten so much feedback from readers saying that they love the newsletters, so it’s a great way to get some tidbits of styling advice right in your inbox. Sign up for free styling tips here!
  3. Come say hi at an event: In addition to my one-on-one work and my online platform, I love doing events where I can connect with more of you in person or online. So far I’ve had some really successful ones like My Styling Workshop with Coach, or the panel I did over zoom during the pandemic with Salt and Light Coalition on Shaping Your Narrative through style. Events are a great way to add another fun activity into your day, connect with me, and get some practical styling tips that you can use right away. Sign up for my newsletter to be invited! 
  4. Follow me on Instagram @talikogan: Instagram is a great place to connect with me on a more casual, day to day basis. I post daily, and give updates on my blog, my events, my life, and all of the new fun styling ideas I have. You can also follow my stories for fun closet moments, snapshots of my kids (of course) and on-the-go style tips. 
  5. Follow me on Pinterest @talikogan: Pinterest is on fire, with over 20k pieces of inspiration for shopping, and cute outfits that you can pin to your own boards and recreate in your wardrobe. 


So, ladies, if you’re ever looking for some styling inspiration and positive vibes, you know where to find me. You can always message me on Instagram, or through the Contact page on my site if you have more specific questions or messages. And otherwise, let’s stay in touch and enjoy this post-lockdown life together!




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