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Ever since welcoming 2018 I’ve been focused on revamping my closet. This time of year, it’s easy to get into a style rut and not feel quite as excited about our clothes. As a stylist, even I need a little revamp once in a while! One of the best things about editing your closet is you’re able to rediscover hidden gems to wear different ways. It’s easy to forget what we own until we take the time to edit our closet. I love shopping just as much as any woman but we don’t always need to buy new! More often than not we have amazing pieces in our closets we can style and make them feel like new again. If you’ve been feeling uninspired by your closet I have some amazing tips for you! Ever since editing my own closet a couple weeks ago, I’ve felt a new burst of excitement from my wardrobe and I want to help you feel the same. To help you revamp your wardrobe, I’m sharing a few of my favorite closet editing tips to try for yourself.

Set Aside Time

We all live such busy lives, I’ve found one of the key steps to editing your closet is to actually set time aside to do it! I know, I know it may seem obvious but if we don’t make a point to put it in our schedules it tends to be put off until we do. When I decided it was time to go through my own closet, I made a point to schedule time one evening to do so. I always plan appointments with personal clients to go thru their closets, but even if you’re doing this on your own I suggest scheduling it with yourself.

Purge Necessary Pieces

Let’s face it, we all end up with pieces in our wardrobe that we don’t love or may not fit anymore. Keeping pieces you don’t love or no longer fit tends to just take up space in your closet. When going through your closet it’s important to purge out anything that you’re no longer wearing, don’t love, or doesn’t fit. Personally, anytime I’m not wearing pieces anymore I love to consign or sell them to get back some of what I invested in the purchases. Not only is selling or consigning a great way to earn back some of your investment, but it’s a great way to allow others to enjoy clothes you’re no longer wearing.
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Reinvent What You Own

One of my favorite things about going through my closet, and client’s closets, is reinventing what you own. Before editing your closet it can be easy to fall into a routine of wearing everything the same way all the time. Going through your closet to get a clear picture of what you own is also a great opportunity to see things in a whole new light. When I go through my (and client’s) closets I make sure to spend some time discovering new ways to wear pieces I already own. Taking a few minutes to experiment with different ways to wear things using what you own is a great way to get out of your style rut and discover a whole new world without buying anything new!
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Organize Your Clothes

Organizing your clothes strategically is super important while editing your closet. After you’ve gone through the previously mentioned steps, I suggest ending your closet editing with an organization overhaul. I highly suggest to organize all your clothes by color and category. This organization system is incredibly efficient! Not to mention, when your clothes are organized by color and category it’s much easier to style different looks. Personally, organizing method also helps me save time when getting ready because everything has it’s place and it’s super easy to find what I’m looking for.


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