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Staying healthy and fit is incredibly important to me. I’m blessed with a lot of things in my life but my genetics and LOVE of food require me to work very hard to stay healthy and fit. I’ve made fitness a big part of my lifestyle for a long time now but as a mom, business owner and wife it can be challenging to stay consistently motivated. However, I have found a few tips and workouts that have kept me motivated and wanted to share them with you!

Follow Fitness Bloggers

Even though I’ve made health and fitness a big part of my lifestyle, I still need inspiration to keep going. I’ve found following fitness bloggers to be one of the most motivational tricks. Keeping up with all the bad ass fitness mavens gives me so much inspiration to try new recipes and workouts. @Carlajian, @melisfit_, @katelemere, @living_withashley, @alexiabauerl, @julzchez, and of course my amazing sister @orlyfitness are my absolute favorites to follow.

Involve Family

Since becoming a mom I’ve looked for ways to make fitness a family activity. I want to help my kids to develop a healthy lifestyle with me. Yoga has always been one of my favorite ways to stay in shape and one of the best gifts I’ve given myself is to a private yoga lesson in my home once a week. After finding the most amazing yoga teachers Carla and Alexia I can’t get enough of private practices in the comfort of my own home. Not only are these ladies great with yoga but because they’re so amazing with kids, they’ve helped my kids to show interest and get involved with the practice naturally.

Timing is Everything

As a busy mom on the go it can be difficult to find time to workout. I’ve found it’s best if I can get my workout in before taking the kids to school in the morning. Not only is it a great way to take some time for myself in the morning, but it also gives me a nice boost of energy as I begin my busy day with the kids and work. When I don’t have private yoga in my home, I’m absolutely obsessed with Lift Chicago (30 minute personal training sessions), Barry’s Bootcamp and CorePower Yoga. Because I’ve made fitness such a big part of my life for so long, I’ve noticed that when I don’t workout my body begins to crave it and I start to FEEL it in my jeans. So working it into my schedule has become a big priority.

Get a Cute Athleisure Look

Let’s face it, when we’re wearing an outfit we feel good in and excited to wear it makes everything a little better! This is especially true with workout wear. Just because you’re working out it doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel your best. I find cute athletic wear to be a little extra boost of motivation as well. Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to some new athletic gear, like this sports bra and legging set. These pieces are a bit of an investment. Lately, I’ve been investing in athleisure pieces more because I’ve found that I tend to spend a lot of time in them (sometimes all day) after my workouts. But it doesn’t HAVE to be expensive and I actually found a similar look that’s less expensive here and here.
Ever since becoming a mom I’ve gravitated towards high waisted leggings. I find high waisted options tend to feel better and are much more flattering – not to mention great for the butt 😉 Another great thing about treating yourself to cute athletic wear is you can wear it with a jacket and boots (like I’ve done here) to run errands and go about your day as you need to! Since athleisure is such a hot trend right now you’ll be on trend and ready for your workout.

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