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Tel Aviv Couture, how to style statement vest
Vests are great pieces for layering, and you know how much I love to layer! Statement vests are a big trend right now, however I know they can feel a bit intimidating. When we think of statement pieces, like vests and dresses, it can often feel like there isn’t a lot of versatility. I fell in love with this statement vest by Hidas, available at Chicago’s hottest boutique Felt. At first I wasn’t sure how many different ways I would be able to style it, but even as a stylist I surprised myself when I experimented with different styling options. Although statement vests are bold pieces, there so much more versatility when styling them than we often realize.
Since I can’t get enough of statement vests, especially designs from Hidas, I’m sharing a few ideas on styling a statement vest to make it feel like a different piece every time you wear it…
tel aviv couture, how to style statement vest

Casual Layers

Statement vests aren’t just for dressing up! One of my favorite ways to add a fun twist to a casual look is with a statement vest. Layering a simple shirt, jeans and sneakers is the perfect way to add a cool yet chic vibe to a statement vest. Not only is it stylish, but you can put this look together in just minutes. The statement vests instantly elevates the simple look – perfect for busy mom’s on the go!

Make It Business Appropriate

Another way to style your favorite statement vest is to take it to the office. Whether you’re heading to a business meeting or into the office, vests are a great way to stand out and wear your vest in a completely different way. Layer a simple button down blouse and trousers under the vest to take this look to the office. Keep the layers under the vest a bit more subtle to allow the vest to be the focal point.

Add Multiple Layers

Styling a statement vest with versatility is all about playing around with layers, as you can see! But you don’t have to stop at just one layer, this is where we often get stuck when finding new ways to wear statement pieces. As I was getting ready to attend a charity event benefiting Lynn Sage Foundation, I pushed myself to find a new way to wear my favorite statement vest  and found it with multiple layers. Mixing different textures starting with this sheer top, I then added this ruffled top and completed the look with the statement vest. I was so pleased with the way this look came out – it’s perfect for the holiday season. When styling a vest with multiple layers, it’s best to keep accessories minimal but complimentary of the look.
how to style statement vest, tel aviv couture tel aviv couture, how to style statement vest

Wear It As A Dress

Statement vests, like these gorgeous options from Hidas, are also fun to wear like a dress! Since they’re longer designs, you can pin the vest closed and wear it like a dress. After securing the vest closed, add your favorite statement earrings or necklace along with heels and you have a completely different look using the same piece.
The holiday season is quickly approaching and it’s the perfect time to experiment with different layers! Not only are layers functional for cold weather in Chicago, but they’re incredibly chic. Felt has a great selection of Hidas pieces, perfect for versatile styling.
Of course, for this look I paired my favorite Dana Rebecca earrings. I truly can’t get enough of these earrings! It’s the perfect time of year to treat yourself to something extra special, if you’re looking for the perfect chic earrings you can wear with everything Dana’s designs are a must.
I completed the look with my go-to hairstyle. Every time I style my hair this way people ask me how I did it, it’s honestly SUPER simple and perfect for the holiday season. I created a quick video tutorial to show you how to create this look yourself.
What is your favorite way to wear a vest? Which tip are you excited to experiment the most?
Photo credit: Hallie Duesenberg

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