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Devon Grace
This blog post is dedicated to my amazing interior designer, Devon Grace.
So here’s the thing. What I love about fashion is that I can use it to express myself as an individual, and each person’s style is unique!
But when it comes to styling a home, interior design has the power to affect not just me, as an individual, but it’s for my whole family and anyone who comes through our doors!
And this is why interior design is just as personal and just as important as the clothes we wear.
So naturally, when I went to search for an interior designer for my home, it was key that I find someone I click with on a deep level.

The Search for the Right Interior Designer

Now, I had met with multiple designers, and one after another, I just felt something didn’t click. Then, when I met with the renowned Donna Mondi, who graciously took the time to meet with me, she connected me with Devon, and the rest is history.
From the moment I met Devon, I immediately fell in love. She and I instantly bonded over our similar taste in aesthetics and style.
And not only does Devon have a great eye for sophisticated style and quality, she is also the epitome of professional. Throughout the process of working together, she has always been responsive whether it be via email or otherwise, and her super hands-on approach to every project really put me at ease.

Personal Style Includes Your Home

See, when it comes to your home – it doesn’t get more personal than that! And knowing how much I would need to rely on my designer to take care of the project from start to finish, I needed to feel that I can trust the person I’m working with wholeheartedly.
Devon took the time to build out a timeline for the project and explain things in a way that made sense, breaking down the process every step of the way. She really made me feel that I have a partner in this and I’m not just hiring someone for a job.
And get this: even on the week leading up to her *wedding*, she still delivered the final project, which I just thought was totally insane! How’s that for commitment?!
These photos of me and Devon from a shoot we did with Vibe Tribe were shot at Devon’s stunning home which she so graciously allowed us to use when we had a last minute location fall through.
Generous, sharp, reliable, ultra pleasant, and stunningly talented: these are all words that come to mind when I hear Devon’s name, and I have no doubt that you’re going to be hearing her name from years to come in the world of design, as well! Follow her on Instagram for more home style inspiration, and you can follow our remodeling process starting this week on my Instagram stories!
Devon Grace
Devon’s report with her clients is one of true collaboration, respect, and teamwork!
Devon Grace
Devon created a mood board of inspiration that reflects my own personal style translated into home design.

My absolute dream home…soon to be a reality, thanks to Devon!

Home style: sleek and sophisticated with touches of organic materials and modern silhouettes. 

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