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To say 2020 was an emotional year is an understatement. This year has affected so many people in so many ways, and for some, it’s been a lot harder than others. Personally I’m very thankful for all the positive things. I want to use this blog post to highlight all of the things the Tel Aviv Couture community accomplished with a 2020 recap, thanks to you guys!

I’ve always put motherhood and being a wife first, but now I realize that before the pandemic I was always so busy. I got sucked into this bubble of events, clients, work, styling services, social life, and workouts, and there was never enough time left at the end of every day. I’ll admit, I’m a workaholic. It’s never something that I want to give up. I’ve been doing my blog for so many years because I love it! But in 2020, being forced to slow down and put my normal life and styling services on hold has allowed me to spend so much more time with my kids and my husband, and really develop the best relationships with them. Time is flying, and I became aware of so many beautiful moments I never want to miss because I’m at an event, or overbooking myself.

As my life has changed during the pandemic, I’ve realized that I still can do it all if I find the right balance and adjust my way of working. This year, I started with a huge focus on using my platform to give back wherever I could. Then I pivoted my styling services, turned all our events virtual (and they were more successful than ever), launched my boutique, reached 1.5 million viewers on Pinterest, wrote some of the most popular blog posts of all time, and wrapped up the year with my dream and biggest collaboration of all time with 900 shops. And I still had so much time to make memories! So without further ado, let’s get into the 2020 recap…


One major part of 2020 was all the ways we supported the BLM movement, including me and Jason’s personal donation to My Block, My Hood, My City–and all of you from the community that joined me in donating! And many of you joined me again, in donating to Salt and Light Coalition in the fall via my virtual closet sales and Giving Tuesday.

And last but certainly not least, my inspiration and best friend Ceta Walters beat her battle with cancer in 2020 and we surprised her with a Fuck Cancer party. We also hosted yet another virtual closet sale for donations to the Lynn Sage Foundation for Cancer Research, and I can’t thank all of you enough that shopped for a cause.


I’ll be honest, when my big Coach event was cancelled on March 14th when lockdown began, I was wondering how I was going to pull off doing events this year. You all know events are my favorite days at work, to get personal with all of you and share the best styling and shopping tips. I am so grateful that we ended up hosting the biggest collaborations ever! My first virtual event with Coach had over 250 RSVPs and you guys went crazy over the fall fashion.

My latest collaboration with 900 shops was a dream come true. I took you all virtual holiday shopping until we dropped, and had plenty of laughs with Andrea Levoff at Catwalks and Cackles live event! I’m excited to say there is plenty more live events with 900 shops coming up in 2021, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter to get the first look.


The Tel Aviv Couture blog blew up this year with some of the most popular blog posts ever. In the first stages of our work-from-home lifestyles, were all figuring out How to Look Good on Zoom. The post was so popular it definitely helped our journey to getting 1.5 million views on my Pinterest! And while we were all locked inside reorganizing our homes, you all kept coming back to my Stylist’s Guide to Creating Your Dream Closet.


One of the biggest personal accomplishments of the year was finally launching the Tel Aviv Couture Shop. The shop is my hand-picked, curated monthly edit of my favorite products and the bestsellers from your favorite stores, like Zara, H&M, Net-a-Porter, and of course Israeli designers. Hands down, the bestseller of the year was the Coach Lara combat boots with gold hardware! They sold like hot cakes. Plus, we all became obsessed with the puff-sleeves trend and so many of you clicked “Add to cart” on this Retrofete puff sleeves denim jacket.

COACH, $125


2020 was the year of small businesses! My passion has always been to highlight Israeli designers as much as possible, and even extra this year. I shared the Most Popular Israeli Designers on the Blog and I’m touched that so many of you were seeing them, shopping them, and supporting these women-owned small businesses as much as you support me!


One of the most surprising beauty bestsellers the 2020 recap was the Santal 33 perfume! For this photoshoot, I bought a Le Labo candle that we never took out of the box and ended up shooting an empty perfume bottle instead, and it became the bestseller! 


And it was no surprise here that the Chanel hand lotion was another best seller. With all the hand sanitizing this year, we need all the moisturizer possible!



I want to raise a glass to everyone for making it thought this crazy, crazy, crazy. Special shoutout to all my fellow parents that became homeschool teachers! I am so speechless and grateful for all the support I got from you guys this year, I seriously wouldn’t be here without your motivation and inspiration. Cheers to better, stronger, safer, healthier and more stylish 2021. A little less sweatpants, a little more pumps, am I right?!

Happy New Year!



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