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As the year is coming to an end, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the new YOU. Refreshing your image and shaping your personal brand can be an amazing moment of self-care. Really investing in yourself and creating that base that sets you up to reach for all your goals and do the thing you’ve always wanted. With that being said, let’s talk about personal branding.

It was actually during quarantine that I started thinking about how powerful shaping your image could be. I had decided not to take on any more styling clients, when Natalie Renna, who is an amazing real estate agent, contacted me. We connected immediately, and I just loved her energy so much that I knew I had to take her on!  And my instinct was right–we had such an amazing styling session that it inspired me to think about a whole new way of doing my styling services, AND it made me want to help other people learn how to shape their own personal branding. I’ve been helping people do this for years now, so here are some of my best tips: 


First, my best advice is to recommend that you consult professionals if you can. That way you’ll have people who really know what they’re doing and you can let the experts do their jobs while you focus on being you and really enjoying the process. You’ll need a good photographer to give you that killer profile pic for your socials and to take any other social media post photos, portraits and other glam shots that can really show off your fabulous self. Some of my favorite local Chicago photographers are Vibe Tribe Creative, Hallie Duesenberg, Jules Kennedy, Rose Kaz, and Ali Stone.

And, of course, you’ll need a stylist! Putting your best foot forward with a fresh image is so necessary for personal branding. What better way to refresh your image than to have a professional who knows all the best tips to find high quality clothes at good prices that make your body look fantastic, and help you express your personality through style? And of course, I’m here to help 🙂 I offer styling services including Closet Raids and Styling 101 services on my website.

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While working with professionals is an amazing experience, I know not everyone is in the place to make that kind of investment right now. But don’t worry! I’ve got you covered with my tips for a DIY process of refreshing your image and presenting yourself to the world:


Reshaping your image might seem a little bit overwhelming, but starting with your profile picture lets you really imagine who you are and what image you want to project. Plus: your profile picture is the very first impression you make when someone sees your page, so it’s essential to make sure it looks great and represents who you are and what you want to do. A good profile pic can set you apart and make you shine instantly! 

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Before you snap the shot, you want to make sure you’ve thought through what you want to look like. And as a stylist I can tell you that a good outfit can really set you apart and show who you are on the inside. But that perfect style can be hard to find, so let’s break it down: 

1. The first step to a good outfit is finding your colors.

Think about what colors look good on you, what colors you wear all the time, and what colors can work together to make a good base for your closet. My base colors are always black and white, but I also love my pop of color. In my style the pop of color is the bit that really stands out and makes it fun! Knowing your signature look and power uniform makes the biggest difference in personal branding.

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2. Once you have the outfit, it’s time for a little extra.

Accessories can add a super fun element to your outfit, but be careful not to overdo them. I personally am a huge fan of hoops and a delicate necklace, but be careful with statement pieces unless you are an artist or jewelry designer. Choose your pieces wisely–you don’t want the conversation to be around your accessories, unless you’re the artist. Personally, my favorite accessory is always glasses. If you watch my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I love trying fun glasses that get the job done but add a little something interesting to my outfit. If glasses aren’t your thing, you can also think about things like bags, jewelry, or hats that can be your signature accessory. 

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3. Add an element to tell your story.

An element is something that’s not necessarily part of the outfit, but is something you can have in your picture to represent who you are and what you do. For a photographer this might be a camera, or for me as a stylist it’s a rolling rack! This makes your picture a little more interesting than just a standard portrait, and gives people an immediate idea of who you are.

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4. Step up your confidence with makeup.

You don’t want to spend all that time on your style just to neglect your face! Make sure you have a little extra time before getting your photo together to do your favorite makeup look. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just the things that make you feel most confident and most like yourself. I always love my red lips because they stand out a bit and just feel like me. 

5. Get the lighting right.

You don’t necessarily need a professional photographer to get good lighting, but it can make or break your photo. You can take a gorgeous selfie of yourself, but make you stand by the window, with the window right behind your camera! And please don’t forget to clean your lens! You don’t want to do everything right just to see spots in your picture!

6. Always smile! 🙂

They say a smile is your best accessory, and it always makes you look super inviting and pleasant. It’ll take your photo from something that looks nice to something that makes people want to reach out to you as soon as they see it. 

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And click! Now you have that perfect new profile photo that shows you off to the world, but also lets you see yourself and your image in its most fabulous form. And once you’ve done all the hard work, it’s time to enjoy it! Let that gorgeous image of you boost your confidence and reach for all the opportunities you’ve always thought about, whether that’s making new connections or starting a new social media platform. A new profile photo and a new image can open so many opportunities for you if you’re looking for them. 

And yes, I am always here to help you! I hope this blog post got you inspired! Please keep in mind that I am also offering 1:1 styling services, personal branding mentoring, workshops and so much more. Click here for my full services and sign up for my newsletter. You can also always shop my top picks on the Tel Aviv Couture Boutique, including this outfit, and a replica to my Balmain blazer that is under $100! 


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