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bra styling secrets

My biggest fashion inspiration, Jason’s Grandma Ida, passed away earlier this year, and she always gave me the best styling secrets. She paid attention to the smallest details, like the importance of undergarments! Even into her latest days, she said she would match her underwear to her bras. I learned from her that the best style starts with beautiful and stylish undergarments, that supports your correct body shape and makes you feel sexy and amazing. The most important style secret that no one tells you about, is starting with a good, fresh collection of undergarments–because it starts from the bottom up!


If you have struggled with finding the right fit and style of bras, I’ve definitely been there. Personally it took me some time to find that perfectly fit bra. I’m actually pretty busty even though it doesn’t show! I’m usually size 32DD, but I lost a little weight recently and right now I am between  32D OR 34C. So, I definitely understand it’s hard to find support for bigger chest! I am a fan of wired bras, I think they give me better support and shape. If you have a smaller chest, unlined bras will definitely work for you and keep things perky and comfy!

Women tend to change sizes during different seasons and of course at certain times of the month. But we don’t always think about investing in new bras right then… I have 2 different bra sizes that I switch up, depending on the time of the month or how often I’ve been working out. It took me a long time to notice that I needed to be switching bra sizes to give me the best support for our changing bodies! If you don’t feel the need to buy a different size, the least you can do is adjust your straps to fix the support and shape levels whenever you need it.

lace bra straps


I’m a huge fan of lace bras and barrettes, because they are so sexy! But style them in a sophisticated, understated way. Don’t style lace bras with short skirts and deep v-necks, instead you can expose a little bit of lace strap under an oversized sweater or button down. That little lacy peekaboo l adds major mysterious sex appeal!!

The bra styling secret that really changed my life is layering your bras! It’s the style tip you’ve never heard of that you can’t live without. I know it’s hard to find lace bralette that actually gives support. I needed to fix that problem! So, I usually wear a nude or black bra with the support, and then wear the sexier, prettier bralette layered over. You still get that sexy vibe with all the best shape! This is also how I style bras as tops 🙂 At this Kobi Halperin event, I was wearing a bralette as a top under a blazer!

lace bra cardigan sweater


My favorite undergarments brand is hands down Simone Perele. I’ve been wearing her bras for years because it’s just the best that I found! A good bra lasts years, and they are definitely something you should invest in because you wear it everyday. I just went to check my collection for this blog post and realized my 3 most worn, favorite bras are all Simone Perele! In my opinion, you can skip Victoria’s Secret because their bras just don’t hold up as well.




Every girl needs 3 colors of bra–black, nude, and a pop of color. I wear black 90% of the time. I also wear nude under white and sheer tops, so it has that invisible effect. And of course I like a pop of color just in case! Right now I love red for the upcoming holidays.


For that extra sexy mysterious look, I love lace bralettes peeking out from shirts and sweaters, or under a blazer. Simone Perele makes a great lace bralette too! I also love this bralette from Free People for just $20, super affordable for this wardrobe staple.

Simone Perele (Shopbop), $78
Free People (Revolve), $20
Only Hearts (Revolve), $57


Sports bras are also important! Especially for my latest love, running. I have a really good one from Nordstrom, from Natori brand, that has double support from 2 bras in 1!! Definitely one of my go-tos. I also recommend Goldsheep bras with full coverage tops for full support (promo code TKOGAN15 for 15% off). If I want to wear a sports bra that is really pretty but lacks support, I just double up on those bras too 🙂

Natori (Nordstrom), $72
Goldsheep, $60
Goldsheep, $60

And those are the best bra styling secrets that changed my life, and I know they will change yours too!

I hope this blog post was really helpful and got you inspired! Please keep in mind that I am also offering 1:1 styling services, workshops and so much more. Click here for my full services and sign up for my newsletter. You can also always shop my top picks on the Tel Aviv Couture Boutique!

lace bra bodysuit

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